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Welcome to the OFCP RAMP - COVID Resource page. This page has been compiled with the resources shared through our e-Bulletin publications during the COVID outbreak.

Our hope is that this will provide you with a starting point to search and navigate through the many resources and services you may find useful during these challenging times.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stay connected and provide information to you that is current, relevant and useful. Our team is committed to supporting you and initiatives that will benefit our broader community.


Government Support & Services
Food Delivery & Essential supplies
Support for Children & Families
Financial Planning
Communication Disability Supports
Mental Health supports
Recreation and Virtual Events
News Articles re COVID

Government Support & Services


Ontario Ministry of Health: Assisted Devices Program Announcement

Ontario Ministry of Health's ADP is Accepting All Applications for Assistive Devices

Ontario Ministry of Health's ADP has advised that it has now re-opened and is making decisions about applications for assistive devices.The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Office permanently re-opened for business on April 29, 2020.

Please see the following links for more information about how applications should be sent and how approvals will be made going forward.


ODSP supports during COVID-19

The Bright Futures Ability Network has put together an extremely helpful newsletter for any questions concerning ODSP supports and other financial matters during COVID-19

Click here to see the newsletter


COVID-19: Ontario Government Services and Resources has set up a page with a number of government services and resources, including:

1. Financial support
2. Supports for children and youth
3. Emergency shelters and other support services
4. Extensions on validations and deadlines
5. Mental health, wellness and addictions support AND
6. Support for seniors and people with disabilities (PWD)

Click here to see the page


211 Ontario Can Help You Find Support You Need During COVID-19

Up-to-date information for Ontarians regarding programs and services is available here.


CLEO Updates on Employment and Work

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), has put together a new resource related to Employment and Work, answering questions like:
• Can my employer lay me off temporarily because of COVID-19?
• What happens if my workplace closes because of COVID-19?
• Can I get Employment Insurance (EI) if my employer reduces my hours of work?
• What is the COVID-19 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and how do I apply?

Click here to go to their website


Partners For Planning

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are suddenly facing unprecedented challenges. From financial planning, to sourcing online food delivery, it's safe to say that our daily routines have been turned upside down. For people living with a disability or those supporting them, those challenges can feel even more overwhelming.

To help you navigate this new normal, Partners For Planning created a new resource. COVID-19: Critical FAQs is now live and contains answers and links to common questions.


Lower Cost Internet for Canadians

Several programs that offer low-cost home internet to low-income Canadian families were shared in an open letter to families from the Minister of Education.

Telus "Internet for Good" offers $9.95/month internet to Canadians nationwide who receive child benefit and have incomes under $31,120 per year. Check link for more details or email with a photo of your 2018 Canada Child Benefit statement showing your income.

Rogers "Connected for Success" plan partners with non-profit and low-income housing providers in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador to offer $9.99/month home internet to their tenants.

Connecting Families is a Federal program to connect families who receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit for under $10/month, but you need to have received a pre-qualification letter to participate. If you think you may be eligible but have not received a letter, try calling 800-328-6189 and asking about the Connecting Families initiative.





Important Announcement Regarding Food Delivery

OFCP is pleased to share an announcement from Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility Program regarding food and essential supplies deliveries.

Seniors, persons with disabilities and people with underlying medical conditions, their families or caregivers can access delivery services by visiting

Meals on Wheels – Delivery of nutritious meals accompanied by a safety check.

Essential Supplies
– Delivery of supplies such as groceries or prescription medication

If you need assistance requesting a service, or do not have internet access, you can call 211 or 1-877-330-3213 (toll free) or 1-888-340-1001 for TTY service.




Supports and Resources from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is offering a number of resources to support families during the pandemic. Please follow the link below if you are interested. Family Resource Centre e-letter April 9 accessible format.pdf

Family Tipsheet:



ConnectABILITY a website and virtual community dedicated to lifelong learning and support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and support networks

They have put together a number of resources concerning what to do while in isolation. Click here to view disability sector resources, physical distancing activities, and ways to stay connected.




COVID-19: Make a Power of Attorney using CLEO’s Guided Pathways

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), has put together Steps to Justice to find out how to prepare a power of attorney or a will, including how to have the documents witnessed virtually. Use CLEO's Guided Pathways to help you draft a Power of Attorney for Personal Care or a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property. Visit COVID-19: Updates on the law and legal services on Steps to Justice.




Communication Toolkit

Below is information for people who have communication needs should they require hospitalization during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Be prepared.

Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC) is sharing a number of great communication resources, picture and word boards and tips for how to use them. Please check their CDAC facebook page. Some of these resources aim to explain information concerning the virus. Also included are essential tools for healthcare providers to use with patients in ICU.

COVID-19 Communication Rights Toolkit:


COVID-19 Communication Rights Toolkit

Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC) has put together a communication rights toolkit.

Effective communication is essential in all healthcare situations. Over half a million Canadians who have disabilities that affect communication are at high risk for not having the supports they need to communicate when accessing and receiving COVID treatments. In addition, a significant number of people who were previously able to speak, are now unable to communicate due to breathing problems and being on ventilators in Intensive Care Units. CDAC has compiled some communication resources about Covid 19 to support people communicating during Covid 19.

You can get the resources at:



Government of Ontario Listing of Mental Health Supports

This site provides a listing of places to call, like: ConnexOntario
Helpline, Good2Talk, BounceBack, Kids Helpline, etc.


The Ontario Caregiver Organization Mental Health Supports

The OCO (Ontario Caregiver Organization) is offering to support caregivers during the COVID-19 situation. Please visit the COVID-19 page of their website for up-to-date caregiver information and resources, and visit this page for Tips for Caregiver Mental Health during COVID-19.


Growing Up with CP - Mental Health and Well-Being

CP-NET is excited to present “Growing up with CP: Mental Health & Well-being,” a webinar by Jan William Gorter initiated and led by young adults for young adults. Highlighting both lived experience and recent research from the CP-NET MyStory project, this webinar explores the intersection of mental health and CP, and discusses how we can better support young people in developing positive outcomes in mental health and well-being.

In addition to young people with CP, this webinar is informative for parents and health professionals.


John Lord on Loneliness

Research shows that reduced social contact, being alone, isolation, & feelings of loneliness have all been associated with a reduced quality of life in people of all ages. Loneliness has been associated with a number of negative outcomes such as poor health, decreased quality of life & life satisfaction.

In this video, John Lord, researcher and author of numerous books addresses the impact of loneliness on our health & the ways to reach out & connect with others to improve our health & quality of life. With the COVID pandemic impacting many of our lives, this video has become even more relevant.

Click here to watch that video.

And, here is a book that John Lord speaks highly of in the video:




ConnectABILITY a website and virtual community dedicated to lifelong learning and support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and support networks

They have put together a number of resources concerning what to do while in isolation. Click here to view disability sector resources, physical distancing activities, and ways to stay connected.


Things Will Get Better: Canadians with disabilities left with few alternatives amid COVID-19 shutdowns

The CBC has published a very interesting article about the challenges facing people with disabilities during COVID-19 shutdowns. Click here to read that story.