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It is inherent in our everyday life. How to get to work, what to make for dinner, which movie to see – All things that, looked at individually, don’t amount to much in a day. Collectively, this ability to make choices throughout life, leads to something very powerful: confidence and empowerment. The right to make a mistake and the right to risk. These are the things that shape us and create a sense of autonomy.
For a person with a disability, choice is a gift we see too little of. Where to live, who provides care, where to go to school…

At OFCP, we are committed to supporting people with cerebral palsy and their families. We are committed to assisting our members in creating opportunities that involve choice and self-determination. Choice is fundamental to growth, relationships and quality of life.

To support choice, we ask you, as a member of our community, to make a choice as well. One bag of clothes, two bags of clothes… Individually, they may not amount to much, but collectively they amount to something huge. Your donation creates awareness, support and choice for our members.

At OFCP, we choose to hire the best telephone representatives, drivers and the best confirmers to create a positive experience for your pick up service. We commit to customer service, making it easy for you to make a commitment to us. Together, we create choice and change.

Please make us your free pick up service of choice.

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The OFCP is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

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The OFCP is not associated with OCPSA - The Ontario Cerebral Palsy Sports Association.